Mr. Nasir Khalil – President (SWT)

Do not turn away a poor man even if all you can give is half a date. If you love and help those who are in need, Allaah will bring you near Him on the Day of Resurrection and for sure it’s a great blessing.

I have great respect for those who try to change the world practically with their effort instead of complaining about the complications.

It is, indeed, a matter of great satisfaction to me that my altruistic reverie, Taqwa Welfare Medical Center has continued to provide Medical treatment services of a large number of the diseases with high standards and with the help of the latest equipment, modern medical, surgical techniques and above all, the dedication and expertise of the staff to poor and underserved people in great number of Gujar Khan Rawalpindi who cannot afford to pay these facilities.

Over the years, Services Welfare Trust has been fortunate in receiving generous donations from a large number of people. This is most reassuring because it indicates the trust of donors in the quality of service and care provided by the Hospital. Nonetheless, it is in the area of operational expenses that the Services Welfare Trust faces some problems because of a shortage of resources.

Since treatment is provided virtually free of charge or in very subsidized rates, it means that any addition to the number of wards, Beds and patients, perforce, entails an increase in the requirement of funds for running the Hospital satisfactorily.

I am very hopeful that people, particularly the more affluent, will come forward and share the burden of the Taqwa Welfare Medical Center, enabling it to continue the provision of humanitarian services to society.

I, therefore, appeal to the donors to kindly contribute towards the setting up and strengthening of the advance medical facilities & services of TWMC. I remain indebted and assured of your trust and unflinching support with which Services Welfare Trust will continue to serve the people of unreached areas of Pakistan, giving a ray of light to those who have otherwise lost all hope.